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Susan Brown

Susan Brown Principal susan_p_brown@hcpss.org

Connie Stahler-Assistant Principal

I am excited to be working at Laurel Woods Elementary School as the assistant principal. I look forward to a year of learning and building relationships with students, staff and the community. Prior to coming to Laurel Woods Elementary, I served as the assistant principal at Guilford, Waverly and Forest Ridge Elementary Schools. As a teacher, I taught grades 1, 2, and 4, as well as a special educator for two years. My love for teaching and learning will be shared with all. Please feel free to stop in and introduce yourself, so we can begin building a collaborative relationship that will benefit you and your child.

School Overview

LWES – Looking Within Every Student encompasses the essence of our vision statement. Laurel Woods is a community of active learners where staff, families, students and educational partners take responsibility to ensure excellence and success for each student. It is our mission to develop productive and responsible citizens in a positive and challenging environment that accelerates achievement, and encourages enthusiasm for lifelong learning. We focus on the whole child, taking into consideration the personal, cognitive and social dimensions of each child.

Our students benefit from the many programs and resources available within our school. Reading and math support teachers offer continuous assistance to students and staff. Our comprehensive technology program provides students with essential computer skills. The teaching staff provides daily instruction that is specific to individual student needs.

Laurel Woods has been recognized by the State of Maryland for our outstanding PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) program. PBIS is a school-wide program designed to teach and recognize excellence in student learning and citizenship. We remain committed as a school community to provide our children with the opportunity to excel with academics while learning essential social skills that will lead to success in the years ahead.

Our PTO, community, volunteers and business partners come together to provide a positive, exciting and joy-filled school community. We recognize our responsibility to develop students who are competent with essential skills, able to use information to solve real-world problems and capable of working together in a rapidly changing and diverse world.


PDS Partnership

What is a PDS?

A Professional Development School (PDS) is a collaboratively planned and implemented partnership for the academic and clinical preparation of interns and the continuous professional development of both school system and institution of higher education (IHE) faculty.  The focus of the PDS partnership is improved student performance through research-based teaching and learning.  A PDS may involve a single or multiple schools, school systems and IHEs and may take many forms to reflect specific partnership activities and approaches to improving both teacher education and PreK-12 schools.

About Our Partnership
Laurel Woods has started a Early Childhood and Elementary Education Professional Development School partnership with UMBC. Our University Coordinator (IHE) is Marloe Lippert.  Sarah McGuire will serve as the PDS site liaison facilitating communication and professional development opportunities between the university and school partners.
As a part of this partnership Laurel Woods will host student interns completing their early childhood and/or elementary field experiences.  Student interns will participate in a 2-semester field experience rotation.  In their first semester they will have a 1 day/week experience in one classroom.  The second semester  they will have  5 days/week field experience. 


School Profile: Laurel Woods Elementary School
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Community Superintendent

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Community Superintendent Area 1: Marcy Leonard

Board of Education Representative

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LWES BOE Representative: Kirsten Coombs