Note from Mrs. Stahler 2/14/2020

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 4:07pm

Note from Mrs. Stahler:

It has been a great week at Laurel Woods!  We were happy to invite so many families in for parent/teacher conferences to learn all about the great math instruction your child has been receiving this year.  In addition to learning about the math instruction, we hope you enjoyed the opportunity to meet with your child's math teacher that was not provided at the last conferences.  It is a great time for you to continue to reflect with your child, as well as praise and support strengths and opportunities of your child as we continue throughout the remainder of the year.

Today, we had "love" that was spread around the building.  Each child received an inspirational heart shaped note on their desk or table as they entered the building this morning.  Several staff members wrote inspirational messages to all of our students so that they could begin their day off on a great foot.  We hope your child shared the inspirational message that was left for him or her this morning with you.  We finished our day with celebrations of kindness as students exchanged Valentines and participated as a community with some yummy treats.  We were so thankful for all of the goodies supplied by our families!  The outpouring of contributions was amazing!

Just a reminder that the PTO Raise Craze fundraiser ends this week.  We have seen so many wonderful acts of kindness over the past two weeks.  It has been a great way to continue our focus on being a greater community and building relationships with one another.  I just know that I will be turned into a Human Ice Cream Sundae very soon!

Have a wonderful long weekend, and we will see everyone on Tuesday!  Stay warm!

Connie Stahler