Clothing to Cash Recycling Program at Laurel Woods

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:17am

Clean Out Your Closet Challenge

Laurel Woods is participating in the Clothing to Cash Recycling Program

Spring is coming, so as you clean up and clean out from the winter months please consider helping LWES.

Help our school raise money!  We accept New and Used clothing, shoes, sneakers, towels, textiles, and stuff animals. We want items in ALL conditions unwanted, outgrown, and out of style.

All items must be in a plastic bag and tied shut.  Look for the large white collection bin as you enter the school parking lot.  Collections will be Re-worn, Repurposed or finally Re-cycled.

 Save our landfills and give your items a second life.   This is an easy way for our school to raise money. Help support our school & save the environment one bag at a time!