Career Week!

Thu, 03/03/2016 - 9:41am
April 11 - 15
Hello parents/guardians,
Laurel Woods is starting to gear up for our annual Career Week.  This year it will be held April 11 - April 15 (Monday-Friday).  This is an exciting week where speakers are invited to visit Laurel Woods Elementary to share about their careers/jobs.  In the past we have been very fortunate to have many parents volunteer to be guest speakers.  The children love hearing about all different types of jobs.  NO JOB IS TOO “BORING”.  I would love to have even more parents come in this year and help expose our students to many different occupations in the working world.  The children particularly love hearing from parents of their classmates!!! The following are some tips for speakers:
  • Describe the functions of their job/how they spend their time.
  • Discuss the education or training needed.
  • Connect what the kids are learning in school (like reading & math) and how you need those skills in your job.
  • Bring any visual aids (pictures, videos, powerpoint) or activities that can help bring your job to life and more engaging.
If you are interested please click on this link and enter your information
Kevin Siliko,         School Counselor